Youth Athlete Strength and Conditioning

Youth Strength and Conditioning is more than fitness, it is about injury prevention

Being fit and staying active during the winter months can be a challenge for young people who enjoy outdoor activities in summer. Conquer Training hosts indoor strength and conditioning sessions for hockey teams, soccer teams, basketball teams. However, some sports fall between the cracks. Running and track athletes often are left with no options in winter.

Conquer Training is setting aside a weekly strength and conditioning session dedicated to athletes who are not part of any team already providing such fitness sessions. These weekly workouts are open to runners, track athletes, and any young athletes who play various sports and want to keep fit, strong, healthy and injury-free over the winter months.

These sessions will consist of activities, aerobic exercises, dynamic stretching, customized to be suited to youth from ages 8yrs old to 13yrs old. Sessions will be structured for individual fitness and development, with fun mixed in to keep the sessions age appropriate and appealing.

Sessions will take place weekly until the end of March. Athletes will have the option of signing up for the entire season, or choose to arrive on a drop-in basis. Sessions will take place on _________________ from ___ to ___.  The cost will be $__ for the entire season of __ sessions, or $__ for each individual session. These workouts will be managed by one of our certified professionals.

Let’s keep our young athletes active, fit, healthy, and injury-free.

Contact us at 613 542 6867, or via our contact link to get started.