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Conquer Training Inc. is the ultimate place to conquer your fitness goals. Get the attention and focus you have been seeking with the best fitness professionals in town. Our personal training and group training programs are individualized to match your fitness level and challenge you at your pace. With certified trainers specializing in youth, prenatal, postnatal, elite athlete and seniors fitness, Conquer Training is a supportive environment for all ages and all fitness levels.

PowerWatts cycling system is a world class training system designed to optimize cycling performance and fitness, whether you aspire to reach new goals, elevate your fitness, compete at a higher level or keep up with the lead pack on group rides.  Our classes encourage a diverse range of personal and athletic backgrounds. Classes are for anyone who has a desire for improved fitness, no experience is necessary, and your first ride is always free! 

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Client Testimonials

Conquer Training with Rodney is intelligent fitness. It’s fitness with a purpose and fitness with a sense of humour. Rodney can train anyone: working moms who want to run a marathon, seniors who want to maintain strength and flexibility, youth athletes competing at elite levels. He will tailor the workout to suit your individual needs, but don’t think he won’t push you harder than you thought you could go! Rodney can target a fitness issue- a weakness in your stride, an imbalance in your strength- and communicate efficiently a plan to correct and improve whatever is holding you back. He knows his stuff and he makes fitness the best part of any day.

Michele Lawford

My niece Sadie Whaley is one of your trainers. She loves training at conquer. She really seems to enjoy her clients and especially her co-workers. About two months ago she asked if I would be interested in training at Conquer. I signed up, thinking that this was a way to help both Sadie and myself. Increasing Sadie’s client list and getting myself some much needed exercise. This is my first experience with a personal trainer. I now understand why it is so popular. The variety of exercises and the encouragement is so positive. I am planning to making this a part of my life. Thanks so much.

Jane Gordon

As a coach and a Phys. Ed. teacher, I was looking for a next step for our son who is a high school aged basketball player. What we found through Rodney was a trainer who offered a wealth of training ideas that focused on developing strength throughout the whole body. He is a constant source of knowledge on diet, circuit training, and injury recovery. Our son is working on his sixth month of training at Conquer, and he will not hesitate to say that he looks forward to every week’s session.

Erik Vreeken

Grade 6 Teacher at Lancaster Drive Public School


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