Mental Skills Training for Youth Athletes

As coaches, parents and athletes, we dedicate an enormous amount of time, energy and money to developing the physical skills of a sport.  But the ability to sprint, shoot, dribble, endure and succeed can often hinge upon the mental and emotional aspects of competition.  Most young athletes never have the opportunity to learn about the simple techniques that bring a positive mind set, determination, resilience and joy to their sport.

Rodney Wilson has drawn upon 25 years of coaching, consultation and competition to develop a mental skills tool kit for young athletes.  Throughout his athletic career in soccer, mountain biking, adventure racing and ultra-marathoning, Rodney has gained a powerful insight into what it takes to manage performance anxiety and competition stress.  His personal desire to guide his own children through the mental aspects of competitive sport can also help your young athlete manage this essential component of success.

The foundation of this exciting program revolves around creating a positive mind set – a mental state which reinforces the joy and fulfillment of sport.  We will endeavour to overcome the negative thought patterns that many athletes suffer from and eventually replace those bricks with positive, self-affirming beliefs.

Our services include individual consultations, team presentations and coaching seminars. Please contact us to begin your journey to a happier, healthier and more positive mind set in sport.

Fostering a positive learning environment for young athletes


Individual Athlete Consultations

This private setting will allow young athletes and parents to openly discuss their individual situation.  We will then develop a tool box which will address the specific issues at hand in order to create a positive mind set for practice and competition.  The mental skills that are introduced here will provide benefits in many aspects of life, not just sport.

Team Presentations

Imagine having an entire team of athletes who are ‘on the same page’ in terms of motivation, goal setting, resiliency and mutual enjoyment of their sport.  During this one-hour discussion, we will cover topics including; understanding the relationship between negative thought and performance, creating a positive mind set, how to optimize your mental arousal levels, relaxation, reframing, visualization and goal setting techniques.

Coach Education Sessions

Coaching certifications, clinics and seminars rarely involve an in-depth discussion on mental skills.  These two hour sessions are designed to educate coaches on a variety of topics including; the signs and symptoms of performance anxiety and competition stress in young athletes, basic neuroanatomy and how we can retrain our brain to develop a more positive mindset, the difference between positive and negative reinforcement in coaching and how each affects young brains, strategies to help your team and individual athletes gain a more focused frame of mind in competitive situations, goal setting and forming realistic expectations for your team and strategies for optimizing competitive focus including visualization, reframing and relaxation.

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