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powerwatts cycling system

a world leading training system to optimize cycling performance and fitness.

“PowerWatts is the most comprehensive and time-efficient indoor training system on the planet.”

Whether you aspire to reach new goals or elevate your fitness to new possibilities. Embark on a personal journey from objectives to results. Our classes encourage a diverse range of personal and athletic backgrounds. Classes are for anyone who has a desire for improved fitness and lifestyle.

Benefits & Features

  • Cutting-edge software technology that provides a personalized training experience. After your training session you can track your personal progression online and compare it to previous rides.
  • Highly engaging environment with a coach on the floor instead of on a bike. The coach will interact with you individually as you complete the hour long workout.
  • Only 6 multi-adjustable bicycles per class. Bicycles will be set up to your precise and predetermined measurements before the start of each session.
  • Comprehensive, goal-oriented training program with a library of PowerWatts workouts. New PowerWatts workouts are created weekly to ensure no two sessions are the same.
  • Road-like cycling experience with clipless pedals. Bicycles are mounted on a specially designed bushing systems to allow for a more significant road feel.
  • Fun and challenging sessions built into the program so you know exactly how hard you are working during every second of the session
  • Shimano front and rear shifting for a precise, realistic road ride experience
  • There is absolutely no competition between riders in a session. The performance is all about you, all the time.


Conquer Training’s

powerwatts Facilities

This PowerWatts Training is now at our new Conquer Training Inc. facility, in a dedicated PowerWatts Training room. Get ready to elevate your fitness to a new level.

Please note: this video was produced just prior to the COVID outbreak. Protocols have resulted in the separation of the bike stations. Drop by and visit the facilities to see for yourself. Stay tuned as we produce more current videos for presentation of the space.

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