Terms & Conditions

Conquer Training Inc. provides personal & group training services to all who purchase packs/passes/sessions.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to utilize their purchases by scheduling appointments for personal training and signing up for group personal training sessions.
  • All participants must complete a ParQ & Liability Waiver before participating in any training associated with Conquer Training Inc.
  • Participants that answer yes to any questions on the ParQ must complete a ParMedX and get this signed by a healthcare provider.
  • Participants that are more than 12 weeks pregnant must complete a ParMedX for Pregnancy and get this signed by a healthcare provider.
Group Personal Training Sessions
  • Single sessions expire 6 months after the date of purchase. Session Passes expire 3 months after your first visit (they are designed to last for the duration of a 12 week group training term). Any sessions remaining beyond this date will be forfeited unless medical documentation is provided. Only Prenatal participants are permitted to have their sessions returned to their account when this give birth to be used when they return to postnatal training.
  • We welcome drop in guests to sessions, however, if you arrive to a group personal training session and are not on our signup sheet you may be denied participation when space does not permit.
  • If a group training session is listed as full, you will be added to our waitlist, this will not guarantee your spot in the session. Wait listed participants will be given at least 3 hours’ notice if a session becomes available.
  • If a session is cancelled due to weather all participants will be contacted by phone and/or email. A make-up session will be rescheduled with the same trainer and group. If you cannot attend this make up session please inform management to be registered in another session for makeup or register online.
Personal Training Appointments
  • Personal Training packages expire 12 months after the date of purchase. Any sessions remaining beyond this date will be forfeited unless medical documentation is provided.
  • You may request personal training appointments online, by phone or email. This slot will not be guaranteed unless you are given notification from Conquer Training Inc. that the appointment is scheduled. You may check your scheduled appointments online under your “My Schedule” tab.
  • If your personal trainer is unable to attend your session we will coordinate a make up with your trainer or you may stay in the same time slot with a different trainer. Our last option will be to cancel your appointment without charge.


Have a question? Send a message to our Conquer Team and we will reply within 72 hours or call us at 613-542-6867.