PowerWatts Kingston

Powerwatts Kingston combines state of the art technology with professional coaching

…to create the most effective and time efficient indoor cycling workout you can experience. Our small group classes will take your fitness to the next level and beyond. From elite cyclist, triathletes and mountain bikers to beginners, PowerWatts can accommodate every level of experience and fitness.

Experience your first ride on us and we are certain that you will become part of the powerwatts team!

Here is a peek at Conquer Training’s PowerWatts Cycling System, during a training session. Check our schedule or drop by for a free test drive. Don’t worry, we supply the towels to mop the sweat.

For in-depth information check out www.powerwatts.com

Contact us at 613 542 6867, info@conquertraining.guru or via our contact link to get started.