Online Training

We are moving to an online format for personal training and group workouts with some very simple goals in mind:

•  Staying engaged with our friends. We miss all of you and really need to stay in touch through these days
• Keeping you on track both physically and mentally.  Re-establishing routine will be paramount over the coming weeks
• Helping those staff who can not receive EI to maintain a level of financial security
• Keeping the heat on at the studio:) 

We have managed to mediate a number of expenses and Corrina and I will be securing loans that will help the business recover but we do need a moderate level of income from month-month in order to cover a variety of costs.

We do need to apply a cost to these services. We are charging significantly less for each service while still paying our staff their regular wage.

Group workouts will cost $10 on a pay-as-you-go format. Personal training will cost $35 per hour (not per session as the workouts may be less than 1 hour in duration). Personal training can be purchased in 1 hour or 5 hour packs.  If you already have outstanding personal training hours with us, this fee will be separate from those hours. If you have any online time remaining when we return to normal operations that value will be added to existing training hours, added to group training classes or continued online.

Sign-up here and payment can be made online.

…Or we can process a payment following your work (this will require that we have your credit card information on file. You can provide that to us over the phone and we can add it to your profile if necessary).  You may also e-transfer your payment to

Sessions will be 30-60 minutes in length and hosted via zoom. Family members can join in the fun at no extra charge.

ONLINE group training to bring our community together for 40 minute workouts via zoom. Scheduled classes include:

• Monday, 9:30 am
• Tuesday, 9:30 am and 6:00 pm
• Wednesday, 6:15 am and 9:30 am
• Thursday, 9:30 am and 6:00 pm
• Friday, 9:30 am
• Saturday, 9:00 am

Contact Rodney directly at to sign up for classes or arrange for personal training sessions.