How to Register Online

Part 1: Purchase Training Passes

  1. If you have already purchased a training pass skip to Part 2. Otherwise, visit our Group Personal Training page
  2. Beneath the heading that reads “Group Personal Training Passes” select the “Buy Now” button of the pass that you would like to purchase
  3. Cart will open with pass. Select “Next”
  4. Sign in to your account: enter your email and password and press sign in
  5. At checkout confirm your order and press “Next”
  6. Enter your card info and billing address and press “Checkout” button
  7. Congrats you have purchased a group training pass!

Part 2: Register in Group Training Classes 

  1. Visit our website homepage
  2. Select “Register in Group Training" button on Homepage
  3. Select “Sign Up Now” button beside the class(es) that you want to join.
  4. Login to your Account: enter your email and password and press login
  5. Beneath the “Recurring Options” section select the start date as the first week of classes and end date as the last week of classes. If you are booking a class that has a Holiday you can book a single reservation in any other class with your extra session after. 
  6. Press the “Make a recurring reservation” button 
  7. You will be directed to your Schedule page and see a list of your upcoming classes. Be sure to carefully read about our cancellation policy. 
  8. Congrats! You are registered in personal group training